Tel Aviv Weather

Without a doubt, Tel Aviv weather is one of the best and most conducive in the world that any tourists and vacation goers can experience and enjloy. Even its most wintry months are never too harsh, while the warm rays of the sun during summertime make it enticing for sun lovers to go to the beach and enjoy swimming and all other fun activities that can be done at the place.

Winter Season starts in December and ends in February. Here, you will get to experience cold temperature in Tel Aviv, going as cold as 5 degrees Celsius. Snow is seldom experienced in the city albeit there was snow during the previous years in Jerusalem. This is the best time to wear all your thick yet trendy coat apparels. I love to wear leather jackets and winter (or even springtime) gives me authority to wear them. It can be windy during the evenings of the cold months, apart from also having some short bursts of rains on occasion. A couple of times, I walked by the Tel Aviv beach and sea sprays are just relentless, together with strong winds. At the end of the 15 minute walk from Jaffa beach to Charles Clore Park, I just felt numbness on my face.

Summertime on the other hand is welcomed in June – a three-month season that’s most welcomed by the Israelis. Weather in Tel Aviv Israel is simply hot, hot, hot! The start of the season, of 25 to 35 degrees Celsius, can still be tolerable because of the existence of cool and refreshing breeze. But, just you wait til the level of humidity gets to be really high. However, one thing that I notice about the Israelis is that they do not seem to mind the extreme climate condition. Obviously, they consider the hot weather as a clear sign that is it is the most enjoyable and fun beach season once again. Tank tops and sun dresses for women are the common attire to wear, while plain shirts (or no shirt at all) and board shorts are the most ideal wear for mean during the summer season.

I guess for me, and for many tourists and expatriates I knew in Tel Aviv, the best seasons and temperature in Tel Aviv are Spring (March to May) and Fall (September to November). These are the nicest and comfortable times of the year; with just the right numbers, which is from 15 to 24 degrees Celsius. You may wear polos and shirts with long sleeves or even light jacket. These are certainly the best days for you to roam around the city despite the piercing sun rays. Just don’t forget to splash on some SPF laden sun block and visors as well to ensure maximum protection for your skin and eyes.