Tel Aviv Tourism Information

Undoubtedly, Tel Aviv tourism is the most vibrant this side of the planet. The City alone has more than a million visitors from all over the world, making it a major tourist destination. It is known for wide and amenities-rich parks, the most famous of which are the Hayarkon Park, found in Bnei Dan, Tel Aviv Yafo, and Charles Clore Park, a recently renovated park in front of the Textile and World Trade Buildings. Known to many as the White City mainly for its Bauhaus structures, the city boasts of five-star hotels and accommodations found alongside the Mediterranean Beach such as the Hilton, Carlton Hotel Tel Aviv and Marina Tel Aviv Hotel. Means of transportation is adequate and so you can simply go around the city with great ease. If you love to walk, then you can simply enjoy long walking tours along the walkway by the Mediterranean beach. Perhaps you can try spending the whole day with friends using the Seqway, a unique two-wheeled means of transport wherein the user must balance himself to move forward.

Tel Aviv Beach

One of the natural assets of Tel Aviv, Israel is the Tel Aviv Beach. People throng to the beaches along the Mediterranean Sea every day, for most of the months of the year. Most frequented areas are the beaches found along the famous hotels like Hilton Tel Aviv and Sheraton Tel Aviv Hotel. Indeed, Israelis are beach lovers, and for the visitor who is likewise one, he is sure to enjoy combing the beaches or simply having tanned by the abundance of sun. He can also try playing the matkot or paddle ball, Israel’s national past time, with his friend. I frequented Jaffa beach, which is a great view from the Jaffa Hills. Around the area are a number of benches giving anyone choice seats for a great view of the sunset.

Tel Aviv Yafo

Actually, Tel Aviv belongs to the Tel Aviv Yafo municipality. It offers great residential opportunities for its people, while most important offices and companies are found in the city. Its World Trade Building can be found along Kaufman Street, alongside many other high rise buildings. The city is strategically located along the Mediterranean Coast, which is a major factor in its fast and flourishing economic growth. Some of the most popular sites in Tel Aviv Yafo are Jaffa Hills, the Clock Tower, the Jaffa Port, and Yerushalayim. Christian Churches are likewise located in Jaffa such as St. Peter’s Church, found in Jaffa Hills and St. Anthony’s Church at Yefet Street. One of its attractions definitely is the Pishpeshim, the flea market, where you can haggle and purchase great stuff of all kinds. I bought a number of CDs, used but still in good condition for just a few shekels.

Tel Aviv Café

If you are a coffee (or choco) lover, you are in the right place. Israelis seem to group together where a Tel Aviv Café is found. One of the most popular coffee restaurants and bars in the city is Aroma Tel Aviv, where I used to frequent while I was there. I love to have a half roast beef sandwich together with my café, or choco sometimes; great meat but with adequate healthy greens to fill my pleasure. One has to try Max Brenner, originally Israeli, which only has the best hot coffees to sip and enjoy. Great customer service and nice atmosphere can be enjoyed at their Rothschild branch, as everywhere else. Other well-known cafes in Tel Aviv are Coffee Bean & Leaf (one can be found at Ibn Gvirol), Café Café (Masaryk Square for me is the best) and Café Hillel (at Rothschild Boulevard).

Tel Aviv Kosher Foods

For the tourist who is fond of Jewish Kosher Foods or simply want to try them for the first time, there are simply a number of Kosher Restaurants in Tel Aviv. Olive Leaf Restaurant in Sheraton Tel Aviv Hotel is one fine food establishment that offers only the finest Tel Aviv Kosher foods. If you dig fast food (read: large hamburger sandwiches), then the best places to go to are the Burger King and Burger Bar, both of which have many outlets all over the city. For those who are Thailandi food lovers, they can try having a nice spicy Thai meal at Lemon Grass, located at Ibn Gvirol. I love Borekas – especially those with cheese, mushroom, or actually just about anything used as filling. You can always have great ones at HaBorekas found in Levinski.