Tel Aviv Restaurants

Manta Ray – One of the Best Sea Foods Restaurants in Tel Aviv

Do you love sea foods, above all? Manta Ray, one of the few Tel Aviv restaurants located along the Promenade, in the heart of Tel Aviv, Israel, has simply some of the nice-tasting foods that one can enjoy. However, what makes it unique is its location by the Mediterranean. This considers Manta Ray truly one of a kind.

Manta Ray is just a few meters away from the Mediterranean Sea. It is specifically standing on Alma beach. Because of the fantastic views that can be enjoyed, the veranda portion is expected to be packed by people, locals and tourists, alike. It offers a wide array of seafood. And like many other best restaurants Tel Aviv, you can enjoy its small, full-to-the-brim mezze, or appetizer plates. These are absolutely delicious treats. One will simply love salads of carrots and eggplants. However a variety of cheese can also be enjoyed.

Servings are more than enough to satisfy one’s appetite. The prices are a bit expensive, although eating at Manta Ray is definitely a treat, if only for its fantastic sea views.

London Café Restaurant

One of the best located along Herbert Samuel Street is the London Café. What does the food establishment offer that makes it a hit among many food lovers. A great variety, in large servings, that is. It is more than just a coffee shop, but it is likewise a fine restaurant that offers anything that one have in mind. One can have hamburgers, pastas, and of course, Israeli foods. What can be distinctive about the restaurant are the huge portions. It is simply a great place to try, especially for those spaghetti lovers. Salads are definitely great-tasting appetizers for tastier things to come. Much in the menu is moderately priced, and so, having lunch or even dinner at London will not be hard on the pocket.

Onami Tel Aviv – Uniquely Asian

One of the best restaurants Tel Aviv focused on serving Japanese cuisine is Onami. For the Japanese food lovers, this is simply the place to dine. While the prices in Onami Tel Aviv is higher than other Japanese-styled establishments, it is simply worth it.

Onami has a wide variety of food to offer its customers. Some of the best dishes that it offers is the sushi and Agadashi Tofu. One of the unique set up that Onami offers is for a particular customer to allow food staff to serve the food and drink they believe this customer deserves to have.

Conveniently located at HaArbaa, portions are more than enough, yet easy to consume because of their delicious tastes. The best treat, of course, is the sushi, which seems to have no worthy competition anywhere in Tel Aviv.

Abu Hassan, Tel Aviv

For those who crave for Hummus, Abu Hassan serves that best there is in the whole of Tel Aviv. Located in the old city of Jaffa, at Dolphin Street, in Tel Aviv, it opened in 1966. Since then, it has been serving the people of Tel Aviv its fresh-quality hummus. The best days to go are weekdays. Weekends can be a challenge to find empty seats. Whatever day one might go to Abu Hassan to enjoy its Hummus, it is certainly worth the trip. You might have to wait quite a while until you manage to get a seat, especially on weekends, but it is worth it. The best foods to order from Abu Hassan hummus are fresh pita and salads. Definitely, it is great food treat to relish and enjoy from the best restaurant in Tel Aviv that offers hummus.