Tel Aviv Night Life: Clubs and Bars

Tel Aviv nightlife reeks (in a good way) of so much fun and excitement – what with the numerous establishments found around the city that offers all forms of night entertainment. The younger set of Israelis are bursting with immense energy meant to be consumed for partying, something that cannot be matched by their counterparts anywhere in the world. From Northern part of the city down to the Southern portion of the Capital, in the inner streets or along the beach and promenade fronting the Mediterranean Sea, there are simply a great number Tel Aviv Clubs and bars.

If you think a blanket of quiet and calm falls upon Tel Aviv during Shabbat, being the country’s time for everyone to meditate and rest, on the contrary the start of Shabbat, which is Friday, is the signal that Tel Aviv night life will again turn to its most alive. Young Israeli men and women will troop these Tel Aviv bars for their beers and drinks, although they do not have the penchant of getting overly drunk. Israelis are not in the habit drinking alcohol excessively.

A place in Tel Aviv where a number of popular bar and club establishments can be found is Allenby Street. There are more or less 25 bars and clubs that line up the street to offer different types of music – techno, rap, trance, disco, and funk. Action heats up as soon as clock strikes past beyond 12, and will continue with the action up to the wee hours of the morning. The legal drinking age in Israel is 18 years, but drinking to excess at any age is generally unusual in Israel.

The following are some of the best and most exciting clubs and similar establishments in Allenby, Tel Aviv Port, and everywhere else in the city:


You might be Dizengoff and surrounding areas, and don’t want to go very far, then you might want to try Eckman. However, the fact is that Israelis, near and far, love to drop by the place. This establishment is suitably located within Dizengoff square at Raines 2. Recognized by insiders in the clubbing industry as one of the finest, it boasts of a gargantuan crescent-shaped bar that renders visitors in awe. It easily takes over the room and becomes a highlight, while the whole area is accentuated by sofa chairs. If you want go a little under the radar and be away from the crowd, you might want to consider its second floor. It has its list of talented DJs that take care of the music system. With friendly service staff member and cheaply-priced alcoholic beverages, this is certainly a must-go place. You can also simply listen to good music, people-watch, and unwind.

For reservation, you can call 03-5237719

Sublet Lounge Bar

If you are looking for a bar that’s situated along the Tel Aviv promenade, one of the best to consider is the Sublet Bar. Exact location is atop Herbert Samuel Restaurant, just beside David Intercontinental Hotel. This establishment is ideal for night parties, social drinking, special family and group dinners, and lounging by the seas. Sublet is simply famous for his hot local DJs, and the best place to enjoy modern music. It has lounge chairs that are perfectly located in front of the sea, giving patrons the best views while listening to cool sounds.

Call numbers 0547406024 (within the country), and (097) 2547406024 (international call) for any reservation.

Seret Club Tel Aviv

Seret is an elite Tel Aviv night club that’s almost like exclusive for use of the coolest and hippest names of the city. It is one special place where night outs will be well remembered. Needless to say, Seret is a premier nightclub and bar; you will hardly get lost since it is located within the center of the city. Specifically located at 30 Ibn Gvirol, the place is unique if only for his movie-themed architecture. Its owner makes sure that the place maintains its image as the place to go for Israel’s who’s who.

If you like experience a whole new night experience at Seret, then why wait? Reserve a table for your group by calling 972-54-7406024. Cash and cards are accepted, traveler’s checks will be graciously refused. You have to go through the London Ministore mall, and go down to the place. You can go into Seret through its entrance by the parking lot.


This is one of the largest-area dance clubs in Tel Aviv. You will never have a problem looking for the place at the Tel Aviv Port. TLV utilizes the best and most modern in music and sounds systems that are available and also offers the latest in electronic music. It has the coolest local DJs who are ready to play everyone’s fave music. It even invites international DJs during certain big events and special occasion. If you want to hold a party at this place, it actually does host parties for a variety of reasons and styles. You have to call the club to reserve a table for you and your friends – at 03-5611022.

Golden Bar

Almost at the end part of the famous Rothschild Boulevard, at 9 Street, is Golden Bar, which is one of the city party people’s favorite hangout, especially around the season of summer. It boasts of a balcony that has its other bar in it – certainly a place to while the time away during hot summery nights. With the main bar inside, you can easily buy any drink you want, considering its reasonable prices. Loud modern, old pieces and rock-themed music can be had if you spend your evenings at the bar in weekends. Reserve your spot by calling 03-5169191.

Pink Elephant

Located at HaTa’arucha 3 in the center of the city, nightlife in Tel Aviv is not the same without Pink Elephant, which is considered to be one of the hippest evening spots of the city. It continues to become a hit among young Israelis who await surprising events to happen during their night. The club is likewise popular to international tourists who just flown in to visit Israel and have a great time. It delivers great music, the theme of which is mainly rock-Israel style and techno.

Chaser Bar

One of the better local bars located along Allenby Street. If you love to blast your ears with loud music, and enjoy all the fine beer, this is certainly the place to be. The staff members are friendly, and parking slots are available. Chaser Bar is also a great place to meet new friends, or just hang around with your circle. Party starts at 9.30 and continued until 3 to 4am. More information of the bar can be had at 03-5176441. Exact address is 44 Allenby, within the vicinity of Carmel Market.

Galina Dance Bar

The Galina is an extremely popular Tel Aviv night spot located within the city port. The bar is situated upon a deck that looks upon the magnificent Mediterranean Sea. Being a modern bar, the operators of the bar blast some of the best music, which are mainly techno and mainstream, to the total excitement of the crowd. If you want to try out the place, dress up nicely – at least drop in wearing something semi-formal. Most alcohol items that you have in mind are on sale in the bar, with beer costing 20 Shekels on the average. Party starts at 7 pm and stays open until its last client for the night.

Dizengoff Dance Club

Many Israeli club goers will say that this Tel Aviv Dance club is hottest entertainment place to open itself to the partying public. It continues to make its presence felt in the Tel Aviv night life scene. Located at Dizengoff 9, the club is owned by famous personalities Itay Turgeman and Oshri Cohen. It singlehandedly turned the street into a plane where discriminating crowds want to go to and get seen. An interesting thing about the club is that it is frequented by many other celebrities and movie stars. It also boasts of top local and international DJ’s, VIP sections, and best service possible. The establishment opens to the public at 10 PM and closes when the last patron leaves.

Jajo Vino

One of the coziest places you can go to in the city and have a quiet drink with a small group of friends is Jajo Vino. This Tel Aviv bar is specifically located at 47 Shabazi, in eclectic Neveh Tzedek. The establishment only has a small area, enough to accommodate below 20 persons. One of the best features of the bar is its wine selection, which is quite wide – what with its long list of available brands from within Israel and other countries. Such an awesome place, it is certainly a good choice for a quiet and special date. If you are an international traveler, the bar is such a perfectly relaxing place to head to after grueling hours of travel. It is the best stop to experience while you are raring to start on your Israel tours.

Needless to say, the city has some of the coolest, hippest, most exhilarating, and most exciting clubs and bars anyone can experience. People are in for the grandest time of their life – simply enjoy their nights in any of these fantastic clubs and bars. Sip your kind of drink, hear your favorite sound, dance to the liveliest music, and enjoy the company of the best party people. Indeed, Tel Aviv nightlife has so much to offer.