Tel Aviv Jaffa Walking Tours

Pilgrims who go to the Holy Land for truly unique Israel Tours have only one thing in mind, to see and experience Biblical and Holy Sites. Being in these places does offer a sense to renewal to many who believes – in mind and spirit. However, many of these pilgrims might be surprised if they decide to continue their trip to Tel Aviv.

While they might think that the two cities are no different from each other; in reality, they are simply worlds apart. While Holy Land offers only the most religious places for anyone to reflect, it is not the same with Tel Aviv. For one thing, the city is all cosmopolitan.

Yes, there is the thousands-of-year-old Jaffa Port for those who want to marvel at an important ancient history. However, tourists will be more than surprised that TA, as this modern capital is sometimes called, offers a lot more than just antiquities. It is a veritable paradise for vacation lovers. For one thing, there are long coastlines where they can enjoy the cool waters of the Mediterranean sea. Its beaches has all the exciting water and sand sports that you can play, colas and beer to cool down, and comfy beach chairs to lounge around. You even have the chance to enjoy the magnificent sunset, one of the most mesmerizing in the world. Needless to say, it’s all fun in Tel Aviv.

Will You Travel to Israel? Walk around Tel Aviv

Fortunately, many of the sites, archaeological ruins, and structures that you will want to see in Tel Aviv are proximate to each other. If you decide that you want to go around and see them via walking, then you can do it yourself. Just make sure that you have a map of the city as a guide, which can be had just about anywhere. In Stematsky, a major bookshop in Israel, there are dozens of reliable city maps. Of course, having some change in Shekels will suffice when buying your map.

Jaffa Clock Tower


Many say that the best way to start a tour of the city is at the Clock Tower. And why not? The grounds on which the tower is built, The Clock Square, is ideal for tourists to congregate and plan their walk for the day. And while they’re at it, it’s nice to understand the great significance of the Clock Tower to the city. The historic structure was built during early 20th Century in celebration of the reign of the Turkish King Abd al-Hamid the II. Today, the clock tower serves to welcome visitors going to Northern Jaffa.

The vicinity around the tower is filled with souvenir shops, eateries, cafes, and modern boutiques. Some of the popular structures and establishments are Saraya Building (museum), Mahmudiye Mosque, and a police station. Castro is just right in front of the square. Further down the road of Yefet are Abuelafia, oldest bakery in the city, a couple of shawarma and felafel eateries, and sandwich and icecream houses. Information of walking tours can be obtained from the Tourism Yafo Association. Most tours of Old Jaffa usually include the visit of the tower.

Old Jaffa

Old Jaffa Port israel andromeda

This place is aptly called if only because of its age, which spans three thousand years. The port boasts of a rich Biblical significance since it is mentioned in the Bible. Known to be the oldest functioning fishing port, a portion of the area features various fish and seafood restaurants and shops. Temporary flea markets are set up during weekends. The hill, on the other hand, has a number of popular landmarks such as St. Peter’s Church, archeological ruins, Aladdin Restaurant, and Kedumin Square. Going up the hill involves walking the winding pathways alongside of which are found a number of galleries, Judaica shops, boutiques, and antiquity stores.

If you decide that it is better to mingle with Israel tour guides and take advantage of a guided walk, which includes the Old Jaffa Port and Hill, then it is recommended that you go to the Association of Tourism for Tel Aviv Jaffa, an authority on Israel tourism that offers information on guided tours around this historical place. Free guided tours can be enjoyed, which happens every Wednesday at 9.30 AM.

Neve Tzedek

A tour of the city will not be complete without checking out Neve Tzedek, first ever Jewish neighborhood outside of Old Yafo, founded by Jewish businessman Aharon Shlush in 1887. A walking tour must be in order especially if you love romantic places, picturesque houses, small cafes, boutiques, Susan Dallal Center (major venue for performing arts) and a bit of history here and there about personalities and events that matter in the creation of this Jewish nation. The tourism association also holds a weekly free guided visit of this amazing community.


You might want to continue your self-guided tour of the city to Hatachana, which is just a stone’s throw away from Neve Shedek. You can find HaTachana located between Yafo and Tel-Aviv. It used to be a deserted compound, with the old train routes replaced by the latest train stations elsewhere in the city. The last few years saw the renovation of Hatachana, with the overhauling of old structures and train stations. Today, you will find that the place has become a must see tourist spot of the city, near the Mediterranean Sea.

Rothschild Boulevard

Rothschild Boulevard Tel Aviv

Rothschild Street should be in your must-see list of places to see via a walking tour. If you are familiar with the The White City, known to be a World Heritage Site; Rothschild is part of it, being one of the city’s main boulevards. The street has a portion for bicycles to freely go through, as well as promenade that’s meant for pedestrians. Along the stretch of the boulevard, you will find fast food and fine dining restaurants, coffee shops (including the popular Max Brenner), and kiosk.

He will find here some of the most impressive Bauhaus structures and buildings. If you are an art lover, there are a couple of popular art galleries and museum that can be found here. The street is not without telling a bit of history. The Beit Hagana, or IDF Museum, also known as Eliahu Golomb House, is located in 23 Rothschild, and tells about the Jewish defense during Hashomer up until the modern IDF creation. There is a complimentary evening city tour that includes the boulevard on Tuesdays, 8 PM.

Tel Aviv Jaffa Tourism Walking Tours

For its 100th anniversary, Tel Aviv, Israel has put up 3 walking tour routes that offers various stories of the city – while route, blue route, and green route.

The white route is all about the history of the city. It covers Old Jaffa and Neve Zedek, among many other important places. It can also be called the route of White City.

The blue route is all about the beaches, seashore, and the Mediterranean. It covers the length from Jaffa Port to the Tel Aviv Port. The route likewise discusses historical and cultural events that took place in this route.

The green route is all about the vital urban nature, the trail of which covers HaYarkon Park and its river. It signifies the green heritage that the city is proud of, having created a environmentally green and clean haven out of the original sand dunes that Jaffa used to be.

For more information on this Walking Tours – Three Routes and your Israel tours in general, you may check the Visit Tel Aviv Jaffa website.