Shopping in Tel Aviv

If you are in Israel – no doubt about it – this Middle Eastern country is the perfect place to go splurge and shop til you drop. You might have the query of what to buy in Israel. When it comes to Tel Aviv shopping, you can expect the best quality goods at reasonable prices. Fashionable clothing, Judaica, electronic items, books, toys – everything are available in this premier city of Israel. So, get ready to spend your American Dollars or Israeli Shekels, and let’s go to the best shopping centers, malls, Jewish stores, and modern boutiques that this wonderful city has to offer.

Popular Tel Aviv Shopping Malls and Department Stores

Azrieli Center and Mall

Everybody is awed by the sight of Azrieli Center, mainly because of its imposing skyscrapers. An original creation (in terms of design) by famous Eli Attia, this modern complex has within its very base the Azrieli Mall, one of the most popular Tel Aviv malls in the city. However, he was not able to finish the construction, the rest of which was placed under the competent hands of Moore Yaski Sivan Architects.

Azrieli, known as the biggest mall in the whole of Israel, is very popular the world over. International shoppers who travel to Israel make it a point to include Azrieli Centre and its boutiques on top of their list of itineraries.

It is certainly shopping fun and excitement if you go to the Azrieli Mall Tel Aviv, since there are more than 150 various shops that sell quality high-fashion apparel and clothing accessories, as well as books, toys, optical items, and electric gadgets and devices. The best thing to learn about the mall is its numerous parking slots for customers. After shopping, why don’t you stop by the 49 floor and check out the Azrieli Observatory, where you can have a breathtaking view of the city.

Dizengoff Center

If you find yourself at the vicinity of Dizengoff Street and George Hamelekh, you will surely not miss Dizengoff Center. Belonging to the list of premier Tel Aviv shopping malls, it has over 400 shop distributed in all its floors, boasts of high-traffic of shoppers and visitors all days of the week (except Saturdays), peaking on Fridays with almost 50,000 people. Definitely, the place to go to for Israeli shoppers, Dizengoff Mall has Internet cafes; exhibition areas; and specialty shops that cater to Comic books, posters, gadgets, and stamp lovers.

This is aside from the normal shops that sell top brand clothing, shoes, cellphones, laptop computer, among many others. Some of the popular tenant-shops are Castro, Fox, Zara, Superpharm, and Bug. The mall is actually composed of two buildings connected to each other via sky bridges. Dizengoff Centre has a large underground parking space to accommodate customers with cars.

Ramat Aviv Mall

Located at 40 Einstein, Ramat Aviv Mall is known to be one of the most expensive Tel Aviv malls in Israel. There are around 140 shops and boutiques in the mall. Some of the popular Israeli brands are Zara, Castro, Golf, and Super-Pharm. International fashion brands have also established their shops Ramat Aviv, such as Guess, Versace, Ralph Lauren, Benetton, and Calvin Klein. After an exhausting yet fun day of shopping, you may have a quick bite or coffee in one of the many food and restaurant establishments at the mall, such as Arcaffe, Boston Deli, and McDonald’s.

Tel Aviv Shopping at Israel’s Famous Streets

Apart from Shopping malls and centers, you can also go shopping at boutiques in many of the city’s primary streets and boulevards. In fact, there are some street with almost its whole length devoted to shopping. Here are some of the most popular streets where you can go on a shopping spree.

Allenby Street

Allenby is where you can buy medium priced clothing items in popular boutiques such as Castro and Mayer. Your 100 shekels can get you a nice, trendy pair of jeans or plain Castro sneakers. The same amount is enough to purchase a pair of basic pants at Mayer.

If you are looking for budget prices, go to Stoochie’s Shop where long-sleeved shirts are available for only 35 shekels. Book lovers can buy the latest best seller at Steimatsky, at Allenby 107. A few Jewish stores, whether selling Judaica or second hand books on topics about the country and Judaism, are found along the stretch of this rehov.

Going further to the portion of Allenby nearest to Ben Yehuda is where 4 or 5 stores sell cameras of all types, digital, Instamatic, Polaroid; as well as various camera parts and accessories. If you have a need for a brand new LCD TV or audio component, you can also buy your choice of brand from any of a number of small appliance stores along the street.

Of course, if you really want low priced clothes, perfumes, and house wares, simply proceed to Shuk HaCarmel, a virtual paradise for budget shopping in Israel where prices of most goods are forever rock-bottom.

Dizengoff Street

Dizengoff Center is recognized as one of the most popular Tel Aviv malls. It is found in this street, along with other in-demand Israeli high fashion designers’ shops. All formal wear can be found in Dizengoff, such as coat, tuxedos, evening dresses, bridal gowns, among many other type of clothing. Here, many Israelis can purchase the best pairs of shoes as well as clothing accessories for both men and women.

Shenkin steet Tel Aviv

Unique shopping is what Shenkin Street in Tel Aviv offers to shoppers. Actually, not only are clothes being sold here; but a variety of items, such records and CD’s, household wares, drugs, medicine, embroidered clothes patches, buttons, food stuff, sunglasses, shades, scarfs, caps, and many more.

Some of the coolest jewelry, clothes, and bag designers position their shops at this street, like Daniella Lehavi and Ronen Chen. Shenkin is also popular for exuding Bohemian air; with artists, and arts and crafts students being permanent fixtures in the area.

George Hamelekh

They call George Hamelekh (King George) the “brother” street of Shenkin. A frequented street that extends from Allenby to Masaryk Street, it is a highly fun place where everyone can experience nice shopping – and haggling as well. You are definitely going to have a bag full of goodies if you decide to go for King George as compared to Shenkin or even Allenby Street.

Here, you will have a field day going from one store to another since most sell their wares at rock-bottom prices. Imagine a good quality shirt being offered for a mere 30 shekels. You can definitely experience a great purchase from any of the many clothing shops in the area. King George Street, a haven for thrift buyers.