Privacy Policy

To Our Readers:

Reader privacy is highly important. We want to maintain your reader’s confidence and trust, being our highest priorities. Tel Aviv Israel Tours respects the right of readers keep their personal information as confidential as possible. This is why we are disclosing our own Privacy Policy to everyone. We hope that readers may be able to read it to have a full understanding of how we process the data and information our readers provide us while ensuring that they are kept secure and private as well.

A. Types of Collected Information

In case we collect reader’s basic personal information, this is done only if permssion is granted.

Information are basically gathered via e-mails and responses at the website.

B. We Don’t Disclose Data to Parties

Our policy is not to disclose any non-public information about readers. Non-public information is any publicly available data and information that the website acquires using information that the readers might have provided us. In general, information involving finances is likely nonpublic personal data and information.

C. Confidentiality of Non-public Personal Data and Information

We restrict any form to access to non-public data and personal information about the readers to writers of the website.

Again, Tel Aviv Israel Tours values the reader’s utmost privacy and is fully committed to safeguarding it. We do hope that everyone continues to visit and read the website while on our end, we never cease to work so that we earn the reader’s complete trust.

Please write at for any question about the website.