Eight Things to Do in Tel Aviv

One of the top things to do in Tel Aviv is visit the Jaffa Hill, believed to be the oldest known port city in the world. You can have a kebab barbeque picnic there with your friends while enjoying the panoramic view of the city as well as Mediterranean Sea and Tel Aviv beach line. After a hearty meal, have a leisurely tour of the hill’s many galleries and souvenir shops, museum, and even archaeological finds and diggings. Jaffa is known to have had valuable importance in ancient military if only because of its commanding height, which enabled its men to have a clear view of the coastline, and hence, possible invaders or naval enemies.

One of the most unique ways of going to the beach or park, generally touring around Tel Aviv is by using a segway, a two-wheeled mode of locomotion of Israelis.

From afar, you see the rider of this unique and attractive contraption seemingly having an easy time riding it. The catch here is that you need to performing appropriate balancing moves in order to go forward. There are specific lanes in the city that are intended for use of enthusiastic segway riders. One of the most popular lanes in the city is HaYarkon Park.

And while you’re at the beach, it’s time to learn playing the matkot, their beach badminton or tennis at Tel Aviv Beach – even if only for an afternoon. Matkot is known to be the unofficial pastime of Israel and the whole stretch of the beach is not without a few pairs of players found here and there, enjoying the game.

Have you tasted Tel Aviv’s Shawarma? It is definitely one of the tastiest in the world. Available mostly in lamb or turkey meat, most restaurants offer them with a variety of salads to go – pickled cucumber or green peppers, eggplants, carrots, you name it. And, of course, don’t forget the olives. Have your Shawarma with tehina as it will further enhance the already delectable taste. Some of the best-tasting Shawarma that you can enjoy can be had at restaurants in Yefet Street, in front of Abulafia bakery. You can buy one for 25 skekels, the Israeli Currency. There are a number of eateries along Allenby Street where you can have 10 to 15-shekel shawarmas; less expensive, but still delicious nonetheless.

Buy your favorite fish at Jaffa Port. This is one of the great things to do in Tel Aviv on Shabbat, where you can find a variety of fresh fish to eat for your lunch. The port is particularly busy Friday and even Saturday (Shabat) morning.

The place is not only filled with locals but also those of other nationalities, but mostly from Eastern Europe and Southeast Asia. Some of the more popular fish species bought here are Denis, Mackerel Scad and St. Peter’s fish.

Other activities that you can do at the Port are fly fishing for your own fish to eat (or are you a catch and release angler -just remember to take pictures for possible trophy catch), biking and brisk walking, jogging or running with the Port as the starting point, going through the coast all the way down to Tel Aviv Port in the south of the city.

Victory Ice Cream or Dr. Lek? Definitely both. Try these two popular ice cream parlors, which have branches along Yefet Street as well as other locations in Tel Aviv. Have a tasty chilled desert from Victory – not only do they have ice cream but fruit shakes as well and also crepes. Dr. Lek, which many say is the best Israeli ice cream, is also a great choice. The cheapest in a cone can be had for as low as 10 shekels. It is definitely such an awesomely cool – and cold – treat indeed.

Another one of the best things to do in Tel Aviv at night is to tour Etzel Museum, which is located by the beach on the spot between Tel Aviv and Old Jaffa. The museum, which is a spectacle to behold in the evening since it is beautifully lit, mainly shows the Jewish movements and underground activities of the Etzel fighters, even before the formation of the Israeli state. Etzel is actually a Hebrew acronym and is also known as Irgun, a Zionist paramilitary organization that operated in 1930s and 1940s.

Are you a lover of old American CDs, used signature jeans, conditioned gadgets, a menorah, second hand toys and other trinkets and trite things? Well, in Jaffa’s HaPishpeshim, while it is possible that you find yourself staring at a cheap knick-knack that took your fancy, buy it and then wonder later why you did so, you will still attest to the fact that there are many nice and useful things to buy there. In Pishpeshim, you just have to be patience in scouring the place for good stuff waiting for you to buy. Best time to go here is during weekdays (Sundays to Thursdays) as when Friday comes, the crowd of goers, onlookers, buyers and hagglers swell up to twice or thrice as much.

Well that’s it, 8 exciting things to do and great places to visit in Israel. Of course, these are but a tiny portion of a long list of possible things to do in Tel Aviv while you are on your city tour. As you go along with your discovery of the city, you are sure to be able to add to this list all the wonderful things and activities you immensely enjoyed.