Tour Tel Aviv – Means of Tranport


If you want to tour Tel Aviv, the autobus is one of the most commonly used means of getting around the City. If there is a Tel Aviv Bus Station right in your area, make sure that the Tel Aviv buses that are assigned to it are ones that will pass by your destination. Every autobus is assigned a number. For example, buses number 25 will pass by Carmel Market, Allenby Street, George Hamelekh, the Municipality Building of Tel Aviv and Ibn Gverol all the way to Ramat Aviv. On the other hand, Tel Aviv buses numbers 40 and 46 both pass by Yerushalayim Street in Jaffa and Takana Merkazit.

When it comes to the frequency of buses arriving at their stations, I notice that bus 25 arrives in approximately evert 5 to 10 minutes. On the other hand, autobus number 28, which has route which includes going via Kaufman usually takes more than 15 minutes. Regardless, you are assured that all buses are available and will efficiently take you to your city destination. Of course, just make sure you know the right autobus number.


Taxis are aplenty in the city. Some drivers however does not automatically flag down the meter and instead will ask your preference. I prefer the meter as the “case is immediately closed” and you simply have to pay for what the meter says. If you choose to decide otherwise, then be prepared to haggle for the taxi fare. Most drivers, on a lighter note, will strike a conversation, especially if he notices you are not a local. They would not hesitate to ask standard questions such as “How long have I been staying in Israel” or “tayar, abuda” which is roughly Hebrew for “tourist or worker?” I would take this as an effort on the part of the driver in making his passenger enjoy every bit of the ride. Modern Israeli Taxis are equipped with efficient GPS, so all you need to provide the driver is the complete address of your destination.


Another convenient mode of transportation in the City of Tel Aviv is the Sherut. But unlike the Tel Aviv buses, the sherut has no station, which means that it can take in or drop off its passengers anywhere it wishes. Usually cost of a sherut fare is about 5 shekels and 80 agorot, albeit during Shabat, drivers can increase the price. The Sherut fare on the other hand from Tachana Merkazit to Jerusalem is about 24 shekels, which is fairly cheap in my opinion, considering the convenience of riding one as well as the fast pace of travel.

Tel Aviv Car Service

If you decide to enjoy day tours from Tel Aviv and want only total convenience by enjoying an air conditioned ride when traveling around the capital with great ease, all you need is a Tel Aviv Car service. Rental cars can easily be had, what with the many rental services that are found in many places in the city. Avis’ Tel Aviv Car Rentals and Sixt Rent a Car are two of the most popular service that tourist can have. Both these companies charge low, low prices while providing all its passengers only the best in Tel Aviv car service.