Crazy House of HaYarkon Stands Out

Bauhaus architecture is evident in most buildings in Tel Aviv. But a number clearly veer away from this norm. One is The Crazy house in 181 HaYarkon.

Travel to Israel to See Crazy House

The edifice, a creation of architect Leon Gningebt, dares to differ from the rest. While adjacent buildings boast of the typical white-washed, box-like style, it flaunts a unique “crazy” design that’s said to be inspired by Catalan architectural genius Antoni Gaudi of Sagrada Familia Cathedral fame.

If only for its special Gaudiesque design, the building has become famous among tourists. People pass by HaYarkon just to have a good look of Crazy House. The additions to the front walls acting as designs and are supposed to make it the building crazy is not really weird.

For me, and I believe for many, the overall look is at worse odd. I actually find the façade really cool. What’s more cool is that it’s near other important streets like Ben Yehuda and Allenby, and just a stone’s throw away from the Tel Aviv Beach.

Just a reminder, it is not a museum, abandoned, nor open to the public. It still acts as a residential building, being its original purpose. Despite the name, it is surely home to normal, decent families.