Super Andromeda: Even Shoshan, Tel Aviv-Yafo

Super Andromeda
Super Andromeda

Fly me to Tel Aviv! Let me travel to Israel again and I will certainly visit my fave Super Andromeda.

I felt elated when the former home/bathroom fixture shop located at the grounds of our apartment in Ibn Shoshan, Tel Aviv Yafo was transformed into a convenience store. This was way back 2007 or 2008, I think (couldn’t remember exactly).

But I was there when the signage in front of the shop was being installed; I read it as Super Andromeda (thanks to my basic knowledge of Hebrew).

Back then, we wondered why it was called as such. Maybe it’s because of the popular apartment nearby of the same name.

I thought that it’s more likely named after the Rock of Andromeda, actually composed of a two or three amid that portion of the Mediterranean Sea near the Old Port, and clearly in sight as you stand at the Jaffa Hill. You will never miss it as an Israeli flag stands on the largest.
super andromeda2
With Super A., seldom did I have to run to Alberto’s, a small store located at the corner of Yefet and Louis Pasteur, for immediate needs such as cola, Ein Gedi water, and cheese.

And visits to 24/7, which is several blocks away from our place, became infrequent as well. (24/7 is how we Filipinos call this bigger grocery/vegetable shop near the Yerushalyim Street. Just about everything is found in this shop, and way cheaper too).

What I loved about Andromeda is that the owner easily gave freebies to those who make big purchases. That’s why I loved it whenever he manned the cash register!