Israel Vacations: Touring the Best Israeli Sites and Attractions

tel aviv beachesGreat beaches, awesome Biblical sites, historical ruins, natural and man-made attractions – these are what you can expect from Israel vacations. Actually, you don’t need to spend so much time in drawing out your vacation plans or creating your itinerary. Even if you decide that you want to go to the country at this very moment, you can still look forward to the grandest getaway even as you make your first step into the Ben Gurion Airport and book at top notch and luxury hotels in Tel Aviv.

Normally, world wanderers and jet-setters do not just go on a vacation without ever thinking and deciding about the destination that they’re headed to, let alone the sites that they want to see.

However, if Israel is your destination, you can always opt to forego travel planning altogether as every corner in this state is a virtual paradise. With or without an itinerary, you are assured of the most impressive vacation.

But for the sake of argument, you decide to make plans on what to see and visit, here are some of the best Israeli destinations that you will want to consider:

Premier Israel vacations sites and attractions

1. Nazareth – birthplace of Jesus

nazarethLying in the country’s Northern region is Nazareth, also called the Arab capital of Israel, mainly because of its predominantly Arab population. This town is a must-visit if you want to see the birthplace of Christ. Many have said that by including this site, it has has made their trip very meaningful. If you’re in town, you must pass by Nazareth Synagogue, Joseph’s workplace, and the Church of Annunciation.

2. Jerusalem – One of most popular Israel vacations spots

JerusalemChristians embark on a religious pilgrimage to Jerusalem because they have this belief that this Biblical place was where Jesus was born, grew up, and died. Because of the popularity of such tours, many are being held everyday, bringing throngs of Christian and Catholic believers of Christ from all over the world to the Old City.

Most pilgrims go by bus, with Tel Aviv as the starting point. So popular is this city that many forego visiting Tel Aviv and focus their tour on seeing it. Christian tours are mainly about going through the Via Dolorosa, the street upon which Christ walked on.

With Catholic Holy Land Tours, groups are given the chance to see and experience the presence of highly revered structures and sites; like the Holy Sepulchre Church, Wailing Wall, Mount of Olives, and Roman Market.

3. Galilee – premier Christian site

sea of galileeAnother top Israeli destination is Galilee, which is a major destination as well for Christian and Catholic tourists. Without a doubt, Galilee tours are very much in demand because it was in the shores of this town that Christ walked upon.

At the Sea of Galilee, he performed the miracle of taming the stubborn storm and raging seas, to the amazement of his disciples. It was in Tabgha that he fed thousands of people with overflowing fish and loaves of bread.

Important areas of Galilee that boast of Biblical and historical importance are Mount Tabor, Jezreel Valley, and Megiddo. A major topographical feature, Mount Beatitude, was where Christ gave the Sermon on the Mount.

4. Accro and its antiquities

Old AccroOne reason why you must include this ancient city in your Israel vacations is because it has the distinction of being a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It deserves the title because of of its overflowing ancient sites and ruins.

It is located in Northern region of the country, within West Galilee and known to be one of the oldest inhabited places in the world. Some of the popular attractions of Acre are the “Inn of the Columns, popularly called “Khan al-Omadan. It is considered the biggest of existing Ottoman inns. Other popular sites are the Acre sea wall, Jezzar Pasha Mosque, Acre Citadel, Hamam al-Basha, and Knights Halls.

5. Dead Sea and its healing salt and water

dead seaNo tour of Israel is ever complete without visiting the famous Dea Sea. Found 400 meters or so below sea level, this natural wonder is in fact the lowest point in the world within any existing mass of land.

It got its name because its salt content ensures the impossibility of any life form in its waters. People love to swim – or rather float – in the sea, and have their pictures taken in the process. For first timers, however, they must heed the warning of not diving into the waters, lest they want the extremely salty water to get into their eyes and inflict pain or injure them.

6. Beauty of Bahai Gardens

Bahai GardensWhen we speak of Haifa, the first thing that comes to mind is the beautiful and awesome Bahai Shrine of the Bahai World Center, its gardens and Golden Dome. No one visits the city without making a stop at the gardens, which is maintained regularly by the center’s volunteers.

There is no doubt about it – Haifa is a top tourist destination of the country because of its many natural sites, as well as quaint ancient districts and neighborhoods. It also has its share of existing synagogues, mosques, and churches.

7. Old Jaffa – Oldest Port in the word

old jaffa port 2During its prime, 3,000 year-old Jaffa was the busiest and prolific port in Israel. Today, the City Government of Tel Aviv performs a number of renovations and improvements to ensure that the glory and beauty of this port is alive.

Fishing activities are done during weekends; which means that the locals have easy access to the freshest and finest fishes.

Important and popular sites in Old Jaffa are St. Peter’s Church, where Napoleon was known to have stayed during its time as a hostel. There is also the Wishing Bridge, in the midst of the hill. It is said that if a person touches his zodiac sign while facing the sea, his dreams will come true. Other vital attractions are Gan HaPisga Garden, galleries, and a number of Judaica souvenir shops.

stores along yefet in yafoYou can make your Israel vacations a most satisfying and memorable one if you consider visiting the sites listed here and so many more. Simply put, no other country have sites that can compare to he beauty, mystique, and overall significance of these Israeli attractions. Such world-class sites are what makes the country a premier and world-class tourist destination.

So, what are you waiting for? Go to your travel agency and book the next available flight to your favorite airline and and get accommodations at a cozy yet affordable Tel Aviv hostel. There are simply a great number of wonderful and exciting Israeli attractions that’s waiting for you to discover.