Two Dan’s are Top Tel Aviv Luxury Hotels in the White City

Raring for a wonderful summer vacation in one of the most exciting Mediterranean cities in the World? Then, better get your things packed and ready as you are sure to enjoy the best getaway of a lifetime. But, while still at your place and hours before boarding your plane, it is best to spend the time making the best choice from the many Tel Aviv luxury hotels that are scattered around the White City.

Especially if you are someone who loves to have a taste of the finer things that life has to offer, go ahead and opt for the best in TA in terms of accommodation. Believe me, this Mediterranean capital will not run out of fine options to offer to even the most discriminating tastes.

Two of the finest Tel Aviv luxury hotels

1. Dan Panorama

The city is perfect to go to during the summer because it offers tourists the hottest yet classiest hideaway to stay, while separating them from the hassles and stresses of city life. One of the perfect 5 star facilities in the city is Dan Panorama.

It has all types of hotel accommodations that you can choose from, from basic yet comfortable rooms, to club rooms, and luxurious suites. The hotel sees to it that all guests are provided with standard amenities and features to ensure the grandest stay possible while in the city.

What makes the hotel exciting and even romantic is that it offers a magnificent view of the sun as it goes down the horizon and Mediterranean Sea. Guests are treated to a breathtaking look of the Neve Tzedek, known to be the oldest existing Jewish Settlement in the City.

The Dan Panorama hotel is perfect for those who want to jog along the beach, or simply enjoy a relaxing promenade since the hotel is just a stone’s throw away from the sea.

2. Dan Tel aviv

For those who want the beach just in front of them, where they can enjoy Matkot (also known as Israeli racket ball) all day and a refreshing night swimming all through the evening, another perfect luxury beach hotel in the City is Dan Tel Aviv.

The facility is packed with sublime and modern rooms and suites, all of which offer comfortable features to ensure the best stay while touring the country. Rooms boast of high-speed Internet connection, cable Television, DVDs, office tables, toilet and bath, and fax machines

It offers a great deal of first class amenities, such as antique and souvenir shops, jewelry boutiques, food establishments, rental services, salons, and even a tour agency.

Simply put, these are just two of the many Tel Aviv luxury hotels along the beach line areas, and there are many others within the city itself. But when it comes to top notch and luxurious accommodations and service, tourists and guests can very well expect to experience them from both Dan Tel Aviv and Panorama Hotel.

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