Book an Affordable and Luxurious Tel Aviv Short Term Rental

Israel is not affordable and complete Tel Aviv short term rental accommodations that are either offered by home and apartment owners themselves or vacation companies.

Needless to say, you must give serious attention when looking for a home or apartment for rent in this cosmopolitan Mediterranean City; this ensures you of a truly exciting get away.

Fortunately, the White City, with all its Bauhaus apartments and other forms of dwellings, boasts of numerous short-term rental in many areas in the city.

Why Tel Aviv short term rental is the right


For many seasoned vacationers, they are quick to advise others to book a room at short term rental apartments since these are ideal accommodation options. Vacation experts say that is better for people to book an affordable apartment or home as their holiday rentals in Israel because they are much cheaper compared to a five-star hotel.

1. Bigger rooms, spacious areas

For a fraction of the price, people are sure to enjoy bigger space compared to a small yet expensive room in a Tel Aviv 5-star hotel. The best thing about these vacation homes or apartments is that they are complete in amenities and facilities.

For instance, a standard home that you can book during your stay in the city assures you of a comfortable bedroom, quaint kitchen, and spacious living room. These places are sure to be furnished as well.

2. Complete and convenient amenities

If you book a standard short term Tel Aviv apartment, you are assured of taking advantage of a number of features , such as Television, cable such as Yes, Internet connect, complete table and bath, and full kitchen.

Wherever you might want to be in the city, In Tel Aviv; it might be within Neve Tsedek, which is the first Jewish community in the city, or just in a stone’s throw away from the Jaffa Beach, you are sure to land a getaway home or apartment that offers the basics and many others that you need to make your vacation getaway a most meaningful and unforgettable one.

3. Hospitable and helpful staff

Whenever you deal with a management company of a short term rental apartment in Tel Aviv, or the owner of a rental home, you are assured of being rendered assistance that you need when it comes to your accommodation.

Superb service is normally delivered by hospitable and courteous Israelis who only want to please and serve their clients to the fullest, whether they are local or from overseas.

Plan ahead of time

Summer season is the peak season in the whole country when it comes to vacation. Hence, it is understandable the prices of these holiday rentals in Israel; whether home or apartment, can become high. And despite the expensive cost of rent, you will have difficulty landing the best apartment rental in this premier tourist destination.

Hence it is ideal that you plan your accommodation in the city 1 to 2 months in advance. This will assure you of the most appropriate Tel Aviv short term rental, one that’s nearest the places that you want to visit in the most beautiful White City.