Top Questions that You Will Surely Ask Your Tel Aviv Tour Guide

Is it your first time in the White City? Perhaps, it’s a dream come true to finally travel to Israel. If you are able to hire a tourist guide who will help your in your Tel Aviv sightseeing tours, the following are some of the common questions that you might ask him; the answers of which can surely help you to become a bit more familiarized with the city:

1. Where can I have my first taste of Shawarma and Falafel?

Shawarma and felafel are unofficial foods of Israel. In fact, almost every neighborhood must have a few food shops that sell these Middle Eastern delicacies. If you want delicious yet affordable shawarma and falafel, some eat eateries line up Allenby and Ben Yehuda streets, as well as Bnei Dan. Prices range from 15 to 30 Shekels. In the middle of Carmel Street is a food kiosk that sells half falafel sandwich at 8 Shekel, way back in 2009.

2. Do Tel Avivi’s speak English?

Everybody in this country seems to have a working knowledge of English. Hence, you wouldn’t have any problem conversing with the locals; whether you need to go shopping, or order and eat at a bar or restaurant. Menus are available in both English and Hebrew. Apart from these two, other spoken languages are Russian and Arabic.

3. Is tap water safe to drink in Israel?

Water that comes straight from the faucet is totally safe to drink. Although I have gotten used to drinking mineral water such as Ein Gedi and Aqua Nova, which are sold in groceries from 10 to 12 shekkels for every pack of 6-2 liter bottles.

4. I’m raring to visit the city’s museums – what are the best ones?

One of the most frequented museums in Tel Aviv is the Eretz Museum in Ramat Aviv. It starts to accept visitors at 10am and closes at 4 pm; except on Thursday when the museum closes at 8pm, and Friday and Saturday when it closes around 2pm.

Another must-see museum is Ilana Goor Museum, which is situated in artist’s residence of Old Jaffa. The museum has a rich display of sculptures, paintings, old furniture, and antique items.

5. Where can I have my dollars changed to shekels?

Although you can use dollars for payments in hotels and similar establishments, shops and everywhere else would want to accept shekels for payment of purchases. Hence, it’s best to have shekels handy. You can easily have your dollars changed to local currencies at any of the numerous money changers that abound in the city and you will encouter during your Tel Aviv sightseeing. Credit cards, by the way, are widely accepted as well.

6. What are the best streets to visit in Tel Aviv?

a. For shopping – Allenby, Sheinkin, Dizengoff, and Ben Yehuda

b. Pubs – Allen-by Street, specially the part nearest Opera Tower

c. Restaurants – Rothschild ….and what else, Allenby (especially shawarma, burgers, chicken, café, Juices). Sorry everyone, I have a love affair with this street, so I’m quite biased I would have to admit.