Another List of Fun Things to Do in Tel Aviv, Israel

Tour IsraelDefinitely, you will never run of simple, yet fun things to do when in a tour of Israel. Here are another five things that I never grew tired of doing while I was in the country:

1. If you have flown into the city to enjoy tours in Israel, it is a must that you first savor the foods that the airport of the country has to offer. At  Ben Gurion International airport, my first time there was enjoyed with few cups of coffee at McDonald’s. Relished a hamburger meal which had my friend spend less than 30 Shekels. When I left 5 years later, everyone still went to the airport’s McDo for some quick bites. This fast food restaurant offers cheese in their hamburger items in some branches, such as the one in Yerushalayim Street in Tel Aviv and the Old Mall at Takana Merkazit.

2. Good bread. Good food. Great service. This is why Abulafia Bakery is all about. Got my supply of pita from this establishment along Yefet from time to time, but especially when I troop to the Jaffa Clock Tower or far beyond to the beach. I used to bring my own humous as filling for my pita bread while I spend time at the square of the tower. This bakery, the oldest existing one in the city, will definitely be one of the first that I’ll visit when I go back to Israel.

3. I love the parks at Tel Aviv. I love the idea of groups being able to easily congregate at the park and enjoy some great barbeque. There’s no HaYarkon Riverfear about being accosted by authorities. As long as the group doesn’t become overly boisterous or noisy, everyone can stay all day at the beach, and enjoy some sun and animated conversation with friends. The best parks in the city for me are HaYarkon Park along Bnei Dan Street and Charles Clore Park in front of Textile Building and World Trade Center along Kaufman Street.

4. Walk the distance from Yafo to Carmel Market. If you have 20 to 30 minutes to spare (depending on your pace of gait), you can enjoy a healthy promenade starting at Old Jafa Port. You can walk along the beach, pass by beach cafe and bars, parks, and Eretz Museum, cross down Kaufman Street, reach Dan Panorama Hotel Tel Aviv, then walk few blocks more to finally reach Shuk HaCarmel. Wasn’t that hard, really.

While at Carmel, have some bite of borekas at one of the sidewalk bakeshops found in the market. Drink some limonana for refreshment, then go back again to enjoy a truly healthful walk. You get to pass by Tel Aviv beach and Mediterranean Sea twice in a day. What more can you ask for?

5. Have some chilling refreshment at Victory ice cream at the corner of Louis Pasteur and Yefet Street. This ice cream parlor has some of the best tasting treat in the whole city. Ice cream in cone is cheaply priced, ranging from 7 to 14 shekkel, depending on the number of ice cream scoops that you order. Other delicacies are available at Victory such as sherbets, fruit shakes, sodas, and crepes.

Indeed, great fun is all that I experienced while I was in the country. Lots of great sightseeing and recreational activities are in store for you while in Tel Aviv. Definitely, you will also have a wonderful time if you get the chance to visit it. Looking forward to reading your own list of favorite things while in Israel!

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