Dan Tours – Efficient Tel Aviv Israel Bus Service

Tel Aviv Dan ToursEnjoying Tel Aviv Tours need not be a difficult goal even if you are a first time traveler to Israel. Even as this Mediterranean City Wonders possess numerous sites for everyone to and marvel at, most are near to each other fortunately; apart from the fact that city can be toured in just a day.

Panoramic Dan Tours

If you don’t go for walking tours, then another reliable way of touring the city is by taking advantage the panoramic buses of Dan Tours. No doubt about it, this service is an effective and convenient means of visiting and seeing at the sites of the city.

If you want to have a closer look at Jaffa Clock Tower and the Tel Aviv Beaches, pass through historic Bauhaus Buildings, ride along Allenby and Dizengoff Street; just take a ride at this city tour bus and you’ll surely enjoy immense fun and enjoyment. It is panoramic as panoramic can be, since all attractions can be enjoyed as you ride the open bus.

Get Off and On at any Time

Certainly, there is great chance that you will pass through particular city sites that will seriously catch your fancy. If this is the case, you can get off the bus if you want to to have a better look on the sites. Then you simply have to wait on other Dan service that also passes through the site and get on it to proceed to the next site.

Overall, these Tel Aviv day tours will last for a maximum of two hours. Apart from English, the narration that complements the tour is available in eight languages, including English, French, and Hebrew. Choose your language and listen to it via the earphones which will be furnished to clients.

Affordable Tel Aviv Tours Tickets from Dan

Bus tickets are available on purchase in cash once you get on the bus itself. Once, my group and I decided to enjoy day trips from Tel Aviv through Dan Service. We waited for a bus at 3pm in front of Castro Mall within the area of Clock Tower and Square.

Since everyone in our group were adults, we had to pay the regular price of 45 Shekels. Children and young people below the age of 18 must pay a one-time ticket price of 36 Shekels. You can also available of tickets for panoramic bus ride which includes free day to day pass of 65 Shekels for adults and 56 for youth below 18 years old.

It is advisable to avail of a ticket with free daily pass, since this essentially means substantial discount that you can enjoy. This is because apart from the panoramic bus, you can also ride all other Dan buses during your Tel Aviv travel for the day of purchase. Likewise, if you obtained a ticket for the day, you can use this to ride, get off, and get on again any Dan bus at each and every station throughout the whole bus route.

Marvel at Popular City Attractions

There are many Israel bus tours route options that you can enjoy if you decide that you want to enjoy roaming around the city via public, panoramic buses. Some of the most common and popular routes that tourists opt for their Dan tours are Shuk HaCarmel, in Yafo to Timna holon; Reading to New Central bus station; and Rakevet University, in TA Yafo to Wolfsoon TA Yafo.

You will enjoy immensely your trip to Tel Aviv, relish your travel within and all around the city with one the most popular trip services there is in Israel. This unique bus service provider uses top open buses that cover most important parts of the city. Dan is widely recognized as the leading bus company in Israel. You are assured of an enjoyable and affordable ride. At the same time, you are able to travel around the city in class and style.

While a walk tour can be quite personal as you have more chance to mingle with fellow tourist, Dan panoramic bus offers the quickest and shortest time that can cover as many popular attractions as possible. Your ride will stop on the dot at the most popular city sites – Tel Aviv beaches, Old Jaffa Port, Rothschild Boulevard, Neve Tsedek, Rabin Square, Museum of the Jewish People, and Azrieli Center and Towers.

Dan Tours Bus Service Options

Actually there are two options when using Dan services. You can choose two-hour panoramic discovery of the city during the day, in which you will be able to see all the sights in the city without having to get off your bus. You can also avail of a one-day ticket, in which you can alight and get off the Dan bus as many times as you want on a specific day. If you live in or near the area of Reading, you’re in luck, since this is the ideal place to start the tour.

With Dan services, all trips are available everyday; except during Saturdays when it is Shabbat, and all Jewish holidays. If you stay at Reading, or live around the area, you can buy first-ride tickets at the Reading Terminal at 9AM. Certainly one of the best and most exciting Tel Aviv Tours is via Dan city service. Convenient, unique, and covers all the important sites and places in Tel Aviv.