Free Workout at Tel Aviv Beaches

tel aviv beachIf you happen to walk the Tel Aviv promenade, which stretches from Jaffa up to the beachfront area where the big hotels in Tel Aviv near the beach can be found, you will probably bump into a number of these exercise stations.

Probably waiting for you to move your every muscle and even strut your stuff. I decided to check one and saw that the equipment is high-tech and effective, one that works by using body mass for the needed resistance.

Whenever I have time, me and my friends, including anyone in the apartment building whom I can “cajole” to go with me, troop to the outdoor station in front of the Textile Building and World Trade Centre, along Kaufman street.

The more, the merrier – I should say. There is nothing that’s more conducive to getting a much-needed workout than doing it at the beach, along with other enthusiasts.

Imagine taking advantage of these activities that I need, as the routine takes away all the nasty mental stresses and tension that I feel. All of this can be had – 100 percent free. This is apart from the fact that I immensely enjoy the great views that the Tel Aviv beach, people going about, and the fabled Mediterranean Sea have to offer.

Most importantly, I spent zero shekels even if use them for hours. Such contraptions are certainly comparable to the heavy duty ones found in major hotels in the city. Imagine – not a single Agorot shelled out as you enjoy a highly effective workout session, one that you can take advantage of regularly every day of the week. Sounds like a great deal!

For me, the best times to go to these stations are very early morning and before the sun goes down. I love to watch the sunset while I exercise as I tend to not rush on doing sets while marveling at such an visual delight.

No doubt about it, exercise workout by the beach is one of the better things to do in Tel Aviv. You are sure to find a station that’s a stone’s throw away from where you live.

In my case, I prefer one that’s far from Jaffa, making me walk to the station for a few minutes. It will serve as a stretching session that will ready up my body for a good workout.

One of the most frequented is the station that’s nearest the hotels in Tel Aviv near the beach, like Carlton and Marina Hotel. There is also one at Hayarkon Park, where I have already done some good exercises.

Simply put, being sedentary just because you don’t have a home gym or membership at a fitness center is no excuse. Go quick and claim your spot at any one of those free workout stations located strategically along Tel Aviv beaches and parks. Time to move your body!