Tel Aviv Beach: One of a Kind

Tel Aviv Beach IsraelNo need for a magnifier to see that everyone in the picture is having immense fun. This Mediterranean City will not be the same without its beaches. It receives throngs of people day after day, night after night.

Guests of Tel Aviv hotels on beach, seashore lovers, sand combers, exercise enthusiasts, promenaders, Matkot players, volleyball players, Frisbee throwers, swimmers, surfers, couples, lovers, groups of friends, groups of families, sunbathers, dancers, flash mobs, beer guzzlers, loungers, and diners, among so many others. Needless to say, people of all status and kinds can be found in Tel Aviv Beach.

Is it holiday today in the city? I strongly wonder if this is so. Because, where do all this people come from – going to the beach and staying there for hours – in the middle of the week? The volume of beach goers, especially during summer, increases just before lunch time hits its prime, and peaks at early afternoon.

I always ask myself as I go past a full-packed beach, does anyone here have work to do? Please, raise your tanned hands. Office work, I mean. This is a permanent enigma for me. Oh well, I just conclude TA people have all the shekels saved away at Ben Leumi to spend, which gives them the right to while away their time at the beach.

I myself love to spend the morning near the beach – walking at the Promenade. My gait at the slow rate of 2.5 miles per hour (roughly 4.75 km/hr) and maintain this speed in order to see goings-on on my way to Charles Clore Park, fronting the Textile Building and World Trade Center.

One of the best and most occupied parks along the beach front, I spend time staying at the park, using an available swing as a seat. The park is not without even a single picnic among families and friend, having some barbeque of kebab. Picnic cloth is set on the ground, and cold colas in large PET plastic bottles and deep bowls of salad delights of eggplants and cabbages are ready. Indeed, everyday is a fine day to stay at parks by the city beach.

Where there are people, business is brisk. This is so true, as evident in the sprouting of restaurants and bars along the seafront, such as London Restaurant. Tel Aviv hotels on beach that are found on northern part are doing great, enjoying high occupancy rates. Some of the most popular hotels for locals and international tourists alike are Hilton Hotel, Renaissance Hotel, and Sheraton Tel Aviv.

I love to think that the ocean waters have healing properties, like that of the Dead Sea. Indeed, every time I take a swim, I do feel cooled and refreshed, and rejuvenated.

I love the warm kisses of the sun rays on my skin, remembering to spread some sunblock to prevent damage. I am sure everyone else is doing the same.

I guess the best thing about the beach is that it affords everyone the chance to witness the splendor of the sunset. The scene of a gold-orange-red giant sun going down, hiding and fading, melting into the sea, always has a mesmerizing effect on people. A sunset not like any other, I should say.

During my long years of stay in the White City, I have always yearned for the warm and tranquil Pacific Ocean of Asia, yet now after returning home, my heart badly aches for the Mediterranean (and the Dead Sea too, for that matter).

These beaches of the city are enticing natural wonders, welcoming people with open arms. They are more than willing to act as recreational refuge for the day. No doubt about it, the beach of Tel Aviv is one of the finest not just in Israel, but all over the world as well.