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If you are a local or international tourist who want to enjoy the most exciting stay in Tel Aviv Israel, then you can always check in on one of the best hotels in the city – Dan Panorama Tel Aviv. You are sure to enjoy immensely on your visit, albeit temporary, at the Dan as you are assured of being in close proximity to anywhere and everywhere in the city that’s simply important, historical and fascinating.

You only have to cross the Kaufmann Street and immediately you find yourself in Tel Aviv beach and the Mediterranean Sea. You only need to do a 10 to 15 minute walk and you see yourself standing and immersed in ancient Yafo Port and even the hill itself.

Just in close proximity to the part is the Clock Tower and Square; Shuk HaPishpeshim; Yefet Street where you can find a few good restaurants that offer a nice Shawarma or felafel meal; and Abuelafia, Tel Aviv’s oldest bakery. What else is near the place? The Carmel Market as well as the Allenby, Dizengoff, and Ben Yehuda Streets, considered to be major thoroughfares of the city. Definitely, when it comes to acquiring a temporary residence for you and your family, one of the best Tel Aviv Israel hotels to go to is the Dan Panorama Tel Aviv.

What makes Dan Hotel up to par if not above all other five-star hotels available in the city? All of its luxurious suites and guest rooms, for one, are especially designed and renovated to provide only the maximum convenience and comfort for hotel occupants. All the hotel rooms offer comfortable balconies for guests. This allows them to be able to enjoy front view seats watching breathtaking Mediterranean sunset views.

Selected rooms likewise offer a perfect view of the Jaffa Hill. Occupants can have a good look of the historical Neve Tzedek area, known to be the first modern Jewish settlement in the city. Simply put, if you want to enjoy spectacular ocean and beach views on your next Tel Aviv Tours, the Dan Panorama Tel Aviv hotel is the best place to stay.
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