Tel Aviv Hostel – Sky and Sun City

The Sun City Hotel is one of the most reliable accommodations, a fine Tel Aviv hostel that goes out of its way to help tourist and visitors to have an amazing stay in the White City. You can find Sun City in the middle of Tel Aviv, just along the beach and the Mediterranean Sea. If you simply want to enjoy great amenities and outstanding hospitality, certainly this hotel is where you want to stay.

For starters, the rooms are fully air conditioned and nicely furnished, making them suitable for short time stay for backpackers, tourists and couples. This rather cheap accommodation is near Allenby street, one of the busiest and most colorful streets of the city. Other important locations near Sun City are the Nachlat Binyamin pedestrian market and the Shuk HaCarmel, one of the city’s major markets.

It is definitely an important Tel Aviv hostel that offers great service and accommodation is the Sky Hostel Tel Aviv. Just like the Sun City, the Sky is very near the beach and the Mediterranean, as well as other tourist destinations such as the bars, shopping stores, as well as the galleries and museums and historic sites. Rooms are readily available whether you need a private one or the dormitory type.

The place has 30 clean rooms, all of which offers cable. Sky, probably the best hostel in Tel Aviv, offers free breakfast for guests and their families to enjoy immensely. If you decide to take the dormitory type of room, then you only need to spend less than Mea Shekalim or 100 shekels and you can enjoy basic yet comfortable accommodation unlike any other. You can even book yourself a room at the place via the internet. Best of all, it takes pride in having only the most efficient and accommodating staff members an inn can have. What more can you ask?
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