Tel Aviv Car Service – Great Way to Go Around the White City

The Tel Aviv car service of Israel is one you can depend on for your transportation and touring needs during your stay in the country. Of course, there are other reliable means of transportation, one being the sherut, a special type of van that can accommodate up to 10 passengers. You have to pay 5.50 shekels for the trip, the same minimum amount that a bus or autobus charges it passengers. Perhaps for some, taking the sherut is much easier as they can hail it anywhere, unlike the autobus, which can only take in passengers at its designated tahana (bus stops).

Being the most convenient mode of transportation, from the airport to the hotel (try Dan Tel Aviv Hotel) or perhaps to any Tel Aviv hostel and then to your destination in the city, try a reliable Tel Aviv car service.

If your primary purpose in visiting Israel is to tour the country, auto service is an excellent way of getting around. An important benefit of getting one is that most drivers unofficially act as Israel tour guides. Who would know the various historical and Biblical places in country such as the Wailing Wall, the Old City, Jaffa, Haifa, and the Dead sea but the Tel Aviv car and limo chauffeurs themselves.

If you have not drawn out your own tour plan, most Tel Aviv car service companies offer their own trip and tour packages. Vehicles available for rental range from the mini bus to the Luxurious limousine. You simply have to rely on the internet for a good number of auto and car service websites and check on their services and prices as well as offered tour suggestions.

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