Dan Tel Aviv Hotel – One of Israel’s Finest

One of the more famous Tel Aviv hotels situated along the Mediterranean Sea is the Dan Tel Aviv Hotel. I had quite a number of views of one of the most beautiful hotels in the city; a few times from afar as we passed by it either as my friends and I walk along the beach or riding the car on way home from the office. Other times, I would look at it as I whiled my time at the elevated platform at the nearby Marina, also along the beach. I would have to say that the building of Dan Hotel Tel Aviv is old-looking as I describe its facade, but actually it has a classic style and design on it interior. A few signs are posted that tell of current renovations going on, and guests are requested to bear with the inconvenience.

Indeed, this is the place to stay if you simply want to experience only the best in hotel accommodation. It boasts of luxurious five star rooms and elegant and classy suites for those with fine taste. Those who are in the city for business reason can take advantage of its function rooms and business halls. It also have spacious reception areas that groups of tourists, expatriates or even pilgrims can use.

Not even the best of the best City Hotels can get 100 percent satisfaction rating from visitors and guests if their service and hospitality is not world class. It can be definitely said that Dan Hotel Tel Aviv has one of the highest standards when it comes to providing customer and hotel service to its clients.

This top notch facility is strategically located, being near a number of other 5-star accommodations such as Sheraton and Hilton. It also very near Bnei Dan Park also at Tel Aviv Yafo, and even the Carmel Market, for those who need important basic necessities. It is likewise just alongside popular food establishments, one of which is the well-known Mike’s Place, where American expatriates as well as other nationalities hang around.

Suffice it to say that of you and your family and friends love the uncomplicated life, you can definitely spend your holidays going out to the beach for a whole hot afternoon of sun and enjoy some splashes at the cool waters of the Mediterranean or play Matkot, which is a sort of paddle ball, for hours upon hours. Or simply you can just marvel at the majestic sunset from the comforts of your room. All of this you can surely enjoy with your glorious stay at the Dan Tel Aviv Hotel.
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