Crazy House of HaYarkon Stands Out

Bauhaus architecture is evident in most buildings in Tel Aviv. But a number clearly veer away from this norm. One is The Crazy house in 181 HaYarkon.

Travel to Israel to See Crazy House

The edifice, a creation of architect Leon Gningebt, dares to differ from the rest. While adjacent buildings boast of the typical white-washed, box-like style, it flaunts a unique “crazy” design that’s said to be inspired by Catalan architectural genius Antoni Gaudi of Sagrada Familia Cathedral fame.

If only for its special Gaudiesque design, the building has become famous among tourists. People pass by HaYarkon just to have a good look of Crazy House. The additions to the front walls acting as designs and are supposed to make it the building crazy is not really weird.

For me, and I believe for many, the overall look is at worse odd. I actually find the façade really cool. What’s more cool is that it’s near other important streets like Ben Yehuda and Allenby, and just a stone’s throw away from the Tel Aviv Beach.

Just a reminder, it is not a museum, abandoned, nor open to the public. It still acts as a residential building, being its original purpose. Despite the name, it is surely home to normal, decent families.

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Give My Love to Rehov Allenby

Compared to other major cities, Tel Aviv is so small that if you’re traveling to Israel, a complete tour of the city can be done in a day or two.

And in all probability, you will not miss passing by one of the most famous TA thoroughfares – Rehov Allenby.

Rehov Allenby

The street was one of my major hangouts (along with other cool spots like the beach, Jaffa Hills, and the Old port).

Here, I did stuff of all sorts – shopping, people ogling, Shawarma chomping, and Fuji film buying.

At times, I just loitered around and turned witness to any going-on, relevant or insignificant.

And being the eager soul that I am, Allenby never failed to satisfy my curiosity with all the new things that it seemingly offers always.


allenby 3 carmel market
Fridays was Allenby day. It was my afternoon’s final stop, after perhaps enjoying a noodle chow at Dizengoff’s food fest, or doing some quick afternoon marketing at Shuk HaCarmel.

I always decided to stay after Shabbat has long started, even as I noticed many others rushing to bus stops in order to hitch the day’s last autobus ride. It meant that I had no other option but to walk my way home. I promenaded the sidewalks, streets, and inner streets along with others who decided to walk as well or missed their ride altogether.

Any other day of the week, Allenby boasts of vibrancy, as manifested by thick traffic, as well as the sweet cacophony from activities of all sorts.

What Tel Aviv’s Allenby offers

Superpharm along Allenby, fronting Lilienblum Street
Superpharm along Allenby, fronting Lilienblum Street

Walk along Allenby and you’ll chance on just about everything – used book shops, clothing boutiques (Castro, Paolo Garage, and Mayer), shoe stores (Togo), camera and film sellers (Fotofilm), falafel and shwarma kiosks, money exchange booths, Superpharm, tshirt printing/transfer on shops, and many others.

Best of all – along the stretch are many falafel and shwarma kiosks, welcoming and always ready to fill me with delicious meat-and-vegetable salad filled pita treats for as low as 20 Nis.

What I also love about this street is that it connects two of my favorite places in the city – Tachana Merkazit and all its blatant boisterousness, and Ben Yehuda and the seeming tranquility and orderliness that it offers. Also, it intersects many other fascinating streets and boulevards such as Rothschild and Yehuda Halevi.

Unique street shows

Glass ball juggler showing off his talent along Allenby
Glass ball juggler showing off his talent along Allenby

A strategic spot at the rehov, that area fronting the entrance of Carmel market, is a venue for many regular artsy performances. I chanced upon few of these acts and was impressed with the shabbily dressed man and his glass acrobatic, ball-juggling act. Indeed, a feat extraordinaire.

Another was that of the half-man, half-tree creature that moved his branches and made googly, crazy eyes but only when coins were thrown onto his “coffer” on the ground.

You can also find souvenir shops (Judaica) along the street albeit many more similar establishments that allow for varied and less pricey options are found at the adjacent Ben Yehuda.

Opera Tower – must-visit when traveling to Israel

Opera Tower at the corner of Herbert Samuel and Allenby
Opera Tower at the corner of Herbert Samuel and Allenby

The corner of the street and Herbert Samuel leads everyone to the beach and the famous mall and apartment, Opera Tower. Tower Records can be found at the building’s ground floor.

A major city landmark, the site of the tower used to be where the original Tel Aviv Opera House was located. After the Opera, there’s nowhere else to go next but at the beach, right? Beach restaurants such as SoFrishman are just nearby.

Major autobus thoroughfare

Autobuses of most numbers pass in and out of this street, whether almost the whole length or just partially. Autobus 25 takes you through Ibn Gvirol and farther to the Tel Aviv University, numbers 10 and 18 go to Bat Yam, number 10 passes through the Rehov to the New Central bus station (Tachana Merkazit).

Arrival of buses at designated stops is generally prompt, although I noticed that intervals vary among them. For instance, 25 seems to pass by every 30 minutes while autobus 10 arrives every 20 minutes or even earlier. Just make sure that you wait for your bus at the right stop.

Finally, describing this city street is not complete without mentioning go-go disco bars and clubs, which are frequented by both local and expats. Inviting as these Allenby clubs are, I didn’t have the chance to enjoy a drink or two. Sorry for me, since I do appreciate a chilled can of beer, and wouldn’t mind at all walking tad drunk and silly along the street of Allenby.

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Super Andromeda: Even Shoshan, Tel Aviv-Yafo

Super Andromeda
Super Andromeda

Fly me to Tel Aviv! Let me travel to Israel again and I will certainly visit my fave Super Andromeda.

I felt elated when the former home/bathroom fixture shop located at the grounds of our apartment in Ibn Shoshan, Tel Aviv Yafo was transformed into a convenience store. This was way back 2007 or 2008, I think (couldn’t remember exactly).

But I was there when the signage in front of the shop was being installed; I read it as Super Andromeda (thanks to my basic knowledge of Hebrew).

Back then, we wondered why it was called as such. Maybe it’s because of the popular apartment nearby of the same name.

I thought that it’s more likely named after the Rock of Andromeda, actually composed of a two or three amid that portion of the Mediterranean Sea near the Old Port, and clearly in sight as you stand at the Jaffa Hill. You will never miss it as an Israeli flag stands on the largest.
super andromeda2
With Super A., seldom did I have to run to Alberto’s, a small store located at the corner of Yefet and Louis Pasteur, for immediate needs such as cola, Ein Gedi water, and cheese.

And visits to 24/7, which is several blocks away from our place, became infrequent as well. (24/7 is how we Filipinos call this bigger grocery/vegetable shop near the Yerushalyim Street. Just about everything is found in this shop, and way cheaper too).

What I loved about Andromeda is that the owner easily gave freebies to those who make big purchases. That’s why I loved it whenever he manned the cash register!

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Israel Vacations: Touring the Best Israeli Sites and Attractions

tel aviv beachesGreat beaches, awesome Biblical sites, historical ruins, natural and man-made attractions – these are what you can expect from Israel vacations. Actually, you don’t need to spend so much time in drawing out your vacation plans or creating your itinerary. Even if you decide that you want to go to the country at this very moment, you can still look forward to the grandest getaway even as you make your first step into the Ben Gurion Airport and book at top notch and luxury hotels in Tel Aviv.

Normally, world wanderers and jet-setters do not just go on a vacation without ever thinking and deciding about the destination that they’re headed to, let alone the sites that they want to see.

However, if Israel is your destination, you can always opt to forego travel planning altogether as every corner in this state is a virtual paradise. With or without an itinerary, you are assured of the most impressive vacation.

But for the sake of argument, you decide to make plans on what to see and visit, here are some of the best Israeli destinations that you will want to consider:

Premier Israel vacations sites and attractions

1. Nazareth – birthplace of Jesus

nazarethLying in the country’s Northern region is Nazareth, also called the Arab capital of Israel, mainly because of its predominantly Arab population. This town is a must-visit if you want to see the birthplace of Christ. Many have said that by including this site, it has has made their trip very meaningful. If you’re in town, you must pass by Nazareth Synagogue, Joseph’s workplace, and the Church of Annunciation.

2. Jerusalem – One of most popular Israel vacations spots

JerusalemChristians embark on a religious pilgrimage to Jerusalem because they have this belief that this Biblical place was where Jesus was born, grew up, and died. Because of the popularity of such tours, many are being held everyday, bringing throngs of Christian and Catholic believers of Christ from all over the world to the Old City.

Most pilgrims go by bus, with Tel Aviv as the starting point. So popular is this city that many forego visiting Tel Aviv and focus their tour on seeing it. Christian tours are mainly about going through the Via Dolorosa, the street upon which Christ walked on.

With Catholic Holy Land Tours, groups are given the chance to see and experience the presence of highly revered structures and sites; like the Holy Sepulchre Church, Wailing Wall, Mount of Olives, and Roman Market.

3. Galilee – premier Christian site

sea of galileeAnother top Israeli destination is Galilee, which is a major destination as well for Christian and Catholic tourists. Without a doubt, Galilee tours are very much in demand because it was in the shores of this town that Christ walked upon.

At the Sea of Galilee, he performed the miracle of taming the stubborn storm and raging seas, to the amazement of his disciples. It was in Tabgha that he fed thousands of people with overflowing fish and loaves of bread.

Important areas of Galilee that boast of Biblical and historical importance are Mount Tabor, Jezreel Valley, and Megiddo. A major topographical feature, Mount Beatitude, was where Christ gave the Sermon on the Mount.

4. Accro and its antiquities

Old AccroOne reason why you must include this ancient city in your Israel vacations is because it has the distinction of being a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It deserves the title because of of its overflowing ancient sites and ruins.

It is located in Northern region of the country, within West Galilee and known to be one of the oldest inhabited places in the world. Some of the popular attractions of Acre are the “Inn of the Columns, popularly called “Khan al-Omadan. It is considered the biggest of existing Ottoman inns. Other popular sites are the Acre sea wall, Jezzar Pasha Mosque, Acre Citadel, Hamam al-Basha, and Knights Halls.

5. Dead Sea and its healing salt and water

dead seaNo tour of Israel is ever complete without visiting the famous Dea Sea. Found 400 meters or so below sea level, this natural wonder is in fact the lowest point in the world within any existing mass of land.

It got its name because its salt content ensures the impossibility of any life form in its waters. People love to swim – or rather float – in the sea, and have their pictures taken in the process. For first timers, however, they must heed the warning of not diving into the waters, lest they want the extremely salty water to get into their eyes and inflict pain or injure them.

6. Beauty of Bahai Gardens

Bahai GardensWhen we speak of Haifa, the first thing that comes to mind is the beautiful and awesome Bahai Shrine of the Bahai World Center, its gardens and Golden Dome. No one visits the city without making a stop at the gardens, which is maintained regularly by the center’s volunteers.

There is no doubt about it – Haifa is a top tourist destination of the country because of its many natural sites, as well as quaint ancient districts and neighborhoods. It also has its share of existing synagogues, mosques, and churches.

7. Old Jaffa – Oldest Port in the word

old jaffa port 2During its prime, 3,000 year-old Jaffa was the busiest and prolific port in Israel. Today, the City Government of Tel Aviv performs a number of renovations and improvements to ensure that the glory and beauty of this port is alive.

Fishing activities are done during weekends; which means that the locals have easy access to the freshest and finest fishes.

Important and popular sites in Old Jaffa are St. Peter’s Church, where Napoleon was known to have stayed during its time as a hostel. There is also the Wishing Bridge, in the midst of the hill. It is said that if a person touches his zodiac sign while facing the sea, his dreams will come true. Other vital attractions are Gan HaPisga Garden, galleries, and a number of Judaica souvenir shops.

stores along yefet in yafoYou can make your Israel vacations a most satisfying and memorable one if you consider visiting the sites listed here and so many more. Simply put, no other country have sites that can compare to he beauty, mystique, and overall significance of these Israeli attractions. Such world-class sites are what makes the country a premier and world-class tourist destination.

So, what are you waiting for? Go to your travel agency and book the next available flight to your favorite airline and and get accommodations at a cozy yet affordable Tel Aviv hostel. There are simply a great number of wonderful and exciting Israeli attractions that’s waiting for you to discover.

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Touring Israel: Great Tips to an Exciting and Memorable Vacation

touring tel aviv israelA lot of people have set their sights and minds in touring Israel. And why not? The place is one of the most fascinating that you can ever visit and see. Anyone familiar with this Utopian Middle Eastern nation knows that touring the place is not limited to its premier city and the Holy Land, but so many other wonderful ancient and Biblical places that are scattered all over.

Indeed, while two of the most popular places are cosmopolitan Tel Aviv and religious Jerusalem, other spots are easily popular tourist destinations such as the tragic Masada, fun Dead Sea, and romantic Town of Cana.

There’s simply a long list when it comes to premier Israeli sites for all tourists. If you are Israel-bound, be ready to realize your dream vacation in this Mediterranean country –whether you are alone, with family or friends, or belong to a group tour.

chanukkah in Tel AvivWhat makes such a tour a fulfilling one? It’s not just about marveling at wondrous, major attractions. Undoubtedly, it’s more than that. It’s about all things Israeli that make a trip to this country unforgettable.

Israel is all about its amazing people. They are a friendly and accommodating lot. The Jewish culture. unique as it is, is worth learning and imbibing. Suffice it to say that experiencing both its people and culture make one’s stay something to cherish about forever.

Here are steps to

make Israel vacation

packages memorable and without any hassle:

1. Bring travel essentials

Apart from your passport with visa (if applicable), bring at least an ID or legal document for proper identification, especially during boarder or Holy Land trips.

While remember to pack your medicine if you are on prescription. Over-the-counter drugs are available at Superpharm, a major pharmacy found all over the city.

2. Go Light

beach If you intend to visit during summer, it’s best to travel light.

Pack only shirts and shorts if you plan to stay at the beach most of the time. Remember that the city is ultra-hot during summertime, especially if you’re vacationing in the midst of the season.

3. Camera’s a must when touring Israel

There are a few places on Earth that can be considered as truly “photogenic” and this country is one of them. Everything here is picturesque, like the long stretch of Tel Aviv beach and historic Old Jaffa Port.

Equally astonishing are the Etzel Museum, Shalom Building, Jaffa Hill’s Ramses Gateway, the Clock Tower at Yafo, Shuk HaCarmel, Dome of the Rock, Wailing Wail, The Dead Sea.

These are but a few of numerous amazing and stunning Israeli photographic subjects; which are, in other words, picture-worthy.
Thus, bring your camera with you; whether you own an automatic, disposable, or digital.

See to it that batteries are full. Bring a spare so you won’t miss seizing any beautiful view, scene, or moment. Take lots of picture, and discard unwanted ones later.

Ask a friend or local to take your photos. Pictures are evidences of you having the most wonderful time. They do represent great memories that are sure to last forever.

4. Book affordable and convenient accommodation

Instead of one of the five-star hotels in Tel Aviv on the beach, make it a unique stay by booking a small hostel or even a Bauhaus apartment unit. If you’re not a picky tourist, convenience can still be had even if you decide to stay at such budget accommodation.

What’s important is you find lodging within the city and near the beach. Two affordable hotels are Mugraby Hostel and Old Jaffa Hostel, both of which are just a stone’s throw away from the beach.

Those on a shoestring budget will love these accommodations because they are affordable and complete with standard amenities, yet available at a price that’s just a fraction of that of top hotels in the city.

5. While the night away

Evenings are alive and vibrant in the city; especially in Ben Yehuda, Rothschild, and Allenby Streets, where you can enjoy the coolest bars and clubs (Social Club, Yaya club), hip cafes (Aroma, Max Brenner, Café Bialik) and trendy restaurants (Olive Leaf, London) everywhere. Many are open till the wee hours, ready to welcome and serve customers who love some late-night dinner, hot coffee, or drinks.

6. Roam by your lonesome

mea shearimNothing beats the exhilaration of scouring a totally new place without a companion. Even the most seasoned traveler feels scared and excited as he traverses unknown roads alone.

One of the best tours of Israel is when you’re touring on your own as it is always prepared to thrill and surprise any tourist who’s in his lonesome.

For instance, try going to Mea Shearim, an enclave of ultra-orthodox Jewish community that’s a world of its own. More often than not, going there alone makes it possible for a quiet visit, which is a must when within this surreal place.

Reminder to shutterbugs, this is one place where people with cameras are frowned upon. Photos, if you wish to satisfy your urge, must be taken as surreptitiously as possible.

sherut tachana merkazitThe White City is a walker’s paradise. Sidewalks are wide, and parks are aplenty. Autobuses and special Sherut cars abound as well, offering cheap and reliable means of transportation. Still, it’s more thrilling to spend the day walking the network of Yehudas and Rehovs of the city.

When in doubt on where you are, ask a local. Always, you will get a positive response and the right directions from the first person that you encounter.

Especially if you have no map or guide, people will be more than pleased to provide you the exact directions, whether you are headed to a tourist site, museum, or souvenir store. Maps, by the way, are available at Steimatzky – the popular local bookshop.

7. Interact with locals

Language barrier is almost non-existence in this country. You won’t encounter any problem when talking to locals as everyone is conversant in English. What’s more – they are generous when it comes to greetings and smiles. People here seem eager to please everyone else.

Of course, it does help to know some sprinkling of Hebrew phrases to help you get by throughout your short vacation and even impress the natives yourself, nachon (right)?

8. Enjoy splurging moments

dr. shakshuka restaurantWhile you desire your trip to be an affordable one, you might want to splurge on a few things here and there.

For instance, since you scrimped on your accommodation, which means that you have extra money for a special date with your loved one. Two of my best recommendations are found within Jaffa, and these are Aladdin (known for great Middle Eastern foods) and Dr. Shakshuka.

There you have it – a few tips and advices on touring Israel the most exciting way. For many of us, we consider such a dream vacation as a once-in-a-lifetime happening, and so everything must be well-planned for a hassle-free and awesome getaway. Needless to say, follow these tips and you are sure to make the most of your Israeli vacation.

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Tel Aviv Airport Car Rental: Supplies the Vehicle You Need as You Tour Israel

If you are this famed Mediterranean City, you will need a good-conditioned vehicle via Tel Aviv Airport car rental, one that can supply you with a car that’s available at the Ben Gurion Airport and waiting to give you a great ride around the city.

Whether it is a simple and durable wagon for you and your family, or a flashy limousine that you will use with your loved one; the right vehicle must be ready and will let you enjoy an exciting city tour during your vacation getaway.

Such services can either be had at brick and mortar shops or via the Internet. The easy availability of such companies ensures that you will never lack transportation service that you can use to guarantee an exciting and convenient tour around the White City.

You can reserve vehicle of your choice online

Make sure that when reserving a vehicle that you will use for your TA tours, prioritize the agency that’s on top of the list when it comes to car rental Tel Aviv airport.

One of the most dependable services available that services not just Israel, but many other countries in the world is In fact, it has already served millions of rentals not just in this Mediterranean City but worldwide as well. It also efficiently accepts reservations via the Internet. Courteous and friendly customer support is also available via email or phone.

How to choose the right car rental Israel

airport service

In order to obtain the best possible vehicle for your tour, you must consider the following factors to ensure that you will hire the appropriate car rental service provider:

1. A car rental firm must assure that all its clients have full access to the best and most convenient car rental Tel Aviv airport services at truly low pricing rates. This means that you will be able to minimize the amount of time and energy to spend in vehicle hunting since you will only have to deal with this firm. Being able to work with one provider from start to finish gives customers full confidence and trust that they will get the best value for their money.

2. Make sure that you go for a service that provides excellent customer service 24/7. In other words, choose the service that’s available all the time. Any service done during non-office must not be considered as added work that they will charge as extra. Avoid services that charge for any changes that you request for your booking.

3. Finally, go for a Tel Aviv Airport car rental service that is clear when it comes to the conditions stipulated in the booking agreement. This helps avoid any rental issues in the future.

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Two Dan’s are Top Tel Aviv Luxury Hotels in the White City

Raring for a wonderful summer vacation in one of the most exciting Mediterranean cities in the World? Then, better get your things packed and ready as you are sure to enjoy the best getaway of a lifetime. But, while still at your place and hours before boarding your plane, it is best to spend the time making the best choice from the many Tel Aviv luxury hotels that are scattered around the White City.

Especially if you are someone who loves to have a taste of the finer things that life has to offer, go ahead and opt for the best in TA in terms of accommodation. Believe me, this Mediterranean capital will not run out of fine options to offer to even the most discriminating tastes.

Two of the finest Tel Aviv luxury hotels

1. Dan Panorama

The city is perfect to go to during the summer because it offers tourists the hottest yet classiest hideaway to stay, while separating them from the hassles and stresses of city life. One of the perfect 5 star facilities in the city is Dan Panorama.

It has all types of hotel accommodations that you can choose from, from basic yet comfortable rooms, to club rooms, and luxurious suites. The hotel sees to it that all guests are provided with standard amenities and features to ensure the grandest stay possible while in the city.

What makes the hotel exciting and even romantic is that it offers a magnificent view of the sun as it goes down the horizon and Mediterranean Sea. Guests are treated to a breathtaking look of the Neve Tzedek, known to be the oldest existing Jewish Settlement in the City.

The Dan Panorama hotel is perfect for those who want to jog along the beach, or simply enjoy a relaxing promenade since the hotel is just a stone’s throw away from the sea.

2. Dan Tel aviv

For those who want the beach just in front of them, where they can enjoy Matkot (also known as Israeli racket ball) all day and a refreshing night swimming all through the evening, another perfect luxury beach hotel in the City is Dan Tel Aviv.

The facility is packed with sublime and modern rooms and suites, all of which offer comfortable features to ensure the best stay while touring the country. Rooms boast of high-speed Internet connection, cable Television, DVDs, office tables, toilet and bath, and fax machines

It offers a great deal of first class amenities, such as antique and souvenir shops, jewelry boutiques, food establishments, rental services, salons, and even a tour agency.

Simply put, these are just two of the many Tel Aviv luxury hotels along the beach line areas, and there are many others within the city itself. But when it comes to top notch and luxurious accommodations and service, tourists and guests can very well expect to experience them from both Dan Tel Aviv and Panorama Hotel.

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Book an Affordable and Luxurious Tel Aviv Short Term Rental

Israel is not affordable and complete Tel Aviv short term rental accommodations that are either offered by home and apartment owners themselves or vacation companies.

Needless to say, you must give serious attention when looking for a home or apartment for rent in this cosmopolitan Mediterranean City; this ensures you of a truly exciting get away.

Fortunately, the White City, with all its Bauhaus apartments and other forms of dwellings, boasts of numerous short-term rental in many areas in the city.

Why Tel Aviv short term rental is the right


For many seasoned vacationers, they are quick to advise others to book a room at short term rental apartments since these are ideal accommodation options. Vacation experts say that is better for people to book an affordable apartment or home as their holiday rentals in Israel because they are much cheaper compared to a five-star hotel.

1. Bigger rooms, spacious areas

For a fraction of the price, people are sure to enjoy bigger space compared to a small yet expensive room in a Tel Aviv 5-star hotel. The best thing about these vacation homes or apartments is that they are complete in amenities and facilities.

For instance, a standard home that you can book during your stay in the city assures you of a comfortable bedroom, quaint kitchen, and spacious living room. These places are sure to be furnished as well.

2. Complete and convenient amenities

If you book a standard short term Tel Aviv apartment, you are assured of taking advantage of a number of features , such as Television, cable such as Yes, Internet connect, complete table and bath, and full kitchen.

Wherever you might want to be in the city, In Tel Aviv; it might be within Neve Tsedek, which is the first Jewish community in the city, or just in a stone’s throw away from the Jaffa Beach, you are sure to land a getaway home or apartment that offers the basics and many others that you need to make your vacation getaway a most meaningful and unforgettable one.

3. Hospitable and helpful staff

Whenever you deal with a management company of a short term rental apartment in Tel Aviv, or the owner of a rental home, you are assured of being rendered assistance that you need when it comes to your accommodation.

Superb service is normally delivered by hospitable and courteous Israelis who only want to please and serve their clients to the fullest, whether they are local or from overseas.

Plan ahead of time

Summer season is the peak season in the whole country when it comes to vacation. Hence, it is understandable the prices of these holiday rentals in Israel; whether home or apartment, can become high. And despite the expensive cost of rent, you will have difficulty landing the best apartment rental in this premier tourist destination.

Hence it is ideal that you plan your accommodation in the city 1 to 2 months in advance. This will assure you of the most appropriate Tel Aviv short term rental, one that’s nearest the places that you want to visit in the most beautiful White City.

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Take Advantage of Cheap Flights to Israel and Enjoy the Wonders of Tel Aviv

cheap tickets to IsraelTel Aviv is considered as a top destination simply because it has so much to offer to visitors from around the world.

You consider it yourself to be one of your dream vacations. But will it only remain to you as that – just a dream? You strongly think so since you know that airplane tickets are very expensive.

Fortunately, there are cheap flights to Israel that you can avail of which will turn your goal of enjoying the vacation of a lifetime into a reality.

Getting affordable tickets to Israel – tips and ways

There are number of ways how people can obtain cheap Israel flights. This list will help you to easily purchase them for you and your loved one or family in a heartbeat.

Research and more research

Research which airway company offers the lowest fare to the White City. You can do this via the Internet, or going personally to the airline’s office and talking to the reservations personnel. Of course, online is the best way since it is very convenient and can be done in the comforts of your home or office.

Look for offered discounts

Check for discounts and promotions that are usually offered by airlines that have the most flights going in and out of the country such as El Al and Korean Air Lines. These two companies have some of the best deals that will allow you to enjoy a cheap flight to Tel Aviv.

Book an airline to Tel Aviv as early as possible

Here is an effective tip that will help you to buy affordable tickets – book as early as possible. Everyone knows that getting early booked tickets will allow them to take advantage of discounts. At least, book a month before your flight.

If you decide that you want to visit Tel Aviv or Jerusalem during summer, you must know that this is the peak season since TA as considered to be a beach city and everyone wants to enjoy the city’s best beaches.

Booking two months before your flight at summertime will help to lower down the cost of the ticket considerably.

Be Flexible

Perhaps your ultimate goal is to visit the Holy Land. And at the same time, it does not actually matter what time of the year you visit the place as long as you are able to see it – then you might want to consider indicating open dates when you make a search on the Net. If you set the dates as flexible, fares that will be made available to you will be low-priced. This gives you greater opportunity to get a cheap airfare.

Remember that you want to be flexible, especially when it comes to your schedule of flight or kind of airline that you choose. At the same time, if you are used to going to the travel agency’s office, it might be helpful if you try to buy online, wherein tickets are often cheaper. This way, you can land cheap flights to Israel much easier.

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Book the Best Tel Aviv Vacation Apartment Rentals

Tel Aviv
If you are bound for a fantastic Mediterranean getaway to Israel, it is a must that you obtain the best Tel Aviv vacation apartment rentals in order to enjoy the most exhilarating vacation in the White City. In other words, you need to get a temporary home that will meet your accommodation requirements, as well as that of your family.

Plan months before your Tel Aviv summer getaway

However, it is best to book a house way before the peak season, because by the time the summer is here, it will then very difficult to rent apartment in Tel Aviv that you like.

You wouldn’t want to be in the heart of Israel and live in a house that you detest to stay in even for just a few days, do you? You should not spoil your dream vacation – your holiday of a lifetime – by getting the wrong place to stay.

Great tip: have you tried Bauhaus? Thousands of these square shaped, gray or white hued apartments are found just about everywhere in the city, and so it will no problem if you will want to try any of them that serve as vacation home rentals Tel Aviv.

In fact, you must consider booking one in order to experience a typical Israeli way of living. This being said – it is imperative that you land the best possible temporary home as your vacation.

Here are tips on booking the best home vacation in the White City:

1. When going to the Mediterranean City of Israel, your first impulse is to rush to the beach in your board shorts and soak in the sun. Perhaps, you want to have a taste of the Israeli beach sport of Matkot and join players that litter the whole length of the beach.

Speaking of the beach, Jaffa up to Tel Aviv Port, they are just fantastic. This is the reason why Tel Avivis look forward to summertime every year.

Still, you can’t stay all day long at the beach. You need a soft and comforting bed that will cradle your body all through the night as you sleep and recharge for the next day of city tour.

Hence, you must go for vacation home rentals Tel Aviv that boast of accommodation comforts and conveniences. Focus on a home that has complete bedding as other important accommodation amenities.

2. If you desire to get rental on the Internet, make sure that you only obtain services from established and reliable vacation services. Make an effort to communicate with the manager directly; or if possible, visit its physical office.

3. You know that you have landed the best one if you found an affordable place that’s near the beach or city sites that want to visit and have tons of fun.

For instance, if you want to visit Jaffa city landmarks and sites such as the Clock Tower, Jaffa Port, Yerushalayim Street, among many others; you must choose an accommodation that’s a stone’s throw away. This allows you to be at the sites within a few minutes.

4. When referring to online websites, you have to provide basic information such as size of home that you need, its location, as well as many other specifics. Tel Aviv, Haifa, and Jerusalem can be hot in the summer, which is why it is important to have an air conditioning unit.

In other words, choose a place that’s equipped and furnished with necessary equipment everyone’s maximum comfort.

Search for the best vacation home rentals Tel Aviv

To ensure that you get complete details of the offers of rental companies, it is best to check their websites. You may contact directly the owners or their managers from whom you will obtain vital information immediately. Rember to first consider a number of Tel Aviv properties, ones that you fancy the most. Check and compare the benefits and shortcomings. You may then base your choice from such information.

Simply put, a lot of Tel Aviv vacation apartment rentals are cheap and cost less than 50 dollars a day. You can rent strategically located apartments monthly for a few hundred shekels. Imagine yourself being away from the beach for just a few minutes, which you can easily walk and enjoy the best afternoon of swimming and water based activities. No doubt about it – this is going to be the best holiday vacation that you can enjoy.
Image source: Jaffa from Old City by David Weinberger

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